b2o: the online community of the boundary 2 editorial collective


b2o is the online community of the boundary 2 editorial collective, which edits boundary 2: an international journal of literature and culture (published by Duke University Press), The b2o Review, and b2o: an online journal.


boundary 2 is a Duke University Press Journal. Since its debut in 1972, boundary 2has sought to recognize and interrogate new flows of literature, criticism, and theory. Originally dedicated exclusively to postmodernism, boundary 2 expanded its focus in the late 1980s to where it remains today, investigating literature and culture in ways important to a transitional era in media, writing, politics, and ideas. Each issue of the journal approaches problems of literature and culture from a number of politically, historically, and theoretically informed perspectives, offering a diverse range of analyses and intellectually rigorous explorations.


The b2o Review is a non-peer reviewed publication edited by the boundary 2 editorial collective and specific topic editors, featuring book reviews, interventions, videos, and collaborative projects.


b2o: an online journal is an online-only, peer-reviewed journal published by the boundary 2 editorial collective, with a standalone Editorial Board.
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