b2o Special Issue | The Maghreb After Orientalism

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Volume 3, Issue 4 (December 2018)
Special Issue: The Maghreb After Orientalism
Special Issue editor: Olivia C. Harrison

      1. Olivia C. Harrison, “Introduction: ‘The Maghreb After Orientalism
      2. Susan Slyomovics, “‘The Ethnologist-Spy Was Hanged, At That Time We Were a Little Savage’: Anthropology in Algeria with Habib Tengour
      3. David Fieni, “‘Hold to poetic knowledge without creating a fetish’, or How to Resist Disfiguring the Maghreb in Theory
      4. Olivia C. Harrison, “Maghreb as Method
      5. Brian T. Edwards — “Hollywood Orientalism and the Maghreb
      6. Madeleine Dobie — “Edward Said on The Battle of Algiers: The Maghreb, Palestine and Anti-Colonial Aesthetics
      7. Gil Z. Hochberg — “Between Orientalisms: Derrida, Cixous, and the Specter of the Arab Jew