current issue | boundary 2


August 2018: Volume 45, Number 3

Taiwan: The Land Colonialisms Made

boundary 2 is a Duke University Press Journal.

Arif Dirlik / Taiwan: The Land Colonialisms Made

Leo T. S. Ching / Reconciliation Otherwise: Intimacy, Indigeneity, and the Taiwan Difference

Ping-hui Liao / Dangerous Liaisons and the Sexual Politics of Brotherhood: Strait Talk on Affective Communities

Ya-Chung Chuang / Democracy under Siege: Xiangmin Politics in Sunflower Taiwan

Kerim Friedman / The Hegemony of the Local: Taiwanese Multiculturalism and Indigenous Identity Politics

Yin Wang / From Anticolonial and Subnational to Ambivalently Postcolonial: Postwar Taiwanese Intellectuals in Lai Xiangyin’s Literary Portraits

Nikky Lin and Shu-jung Chen / Poetry as Protest in Modern Taiwan

Fang-chih Irene Yang / The Politics and Aesthetics of Chinese Drama (Huajyu) in Taiwan

Jing Tsu / Comparative Taiwan Literature, Within and Without