current issue | boundary 2


February 2017: Volume 44, Number 1

Bernard Stiegler: Amateur Philosophy

boundary 2 is a Duke University Press Journal.

Arne de Boever / Editor’s Introduction

Bernard Stiegler / The Proletarianization of Sensibility

Bernard Stiegler / Kant, Art, and Time

Bernard Stiegler / The Quarrel of the Amateurs

Stephen Barker / Unwork and the Duchampian Contemporary

Benoît Dillet / Proletarianization, Deproletarianization, and the Rise of the Amateur

Daniel Ross / Totally, Tenderly, Tragically: BS and BB

Alexander R. Galloway and Jason R. LaRivière / Compression in Philosophy

Ed Cohen / Dare to Care: Between Stiegler’s Mystagogy and Foucault’s Aesthetics of Existence

Mark B. N. Hansen / Bernard Stiegler, Philosopher of Desire?

Gerald Moore / On the Origin of Aisthesis by Means of Artificial Selection; or, The Preservation of Favored Traces in the Struggle for Existence

Claire Colebrook / Impossible, Unprincipled, and Contingent: Bernard Stiegler’s Project of Revolution and Redemption

Tom Cohen / Arche-Cinema and the Politics of Extinction