current issue | boundary 2


August 2017: Volume 44, Number 3

Special Issue: Poetry and Poetics, ed. Paul A. Bové

boundary 2 is a Duke University Press Journal.

Paul A. Bové / Editor’s Introduction

Jonathan Arac / Emily Dickinson: Length and the Liberal Imagination

Colin Dayan / The Dog in the Poem: On Wiliams’s Paterson

Christian Thorne / William Cowper, the Georgic, and the Unwritten Literature of the 1780s

Tom Eyers / “Determined and Unmoved”: Wordsworth’s Materialism

Stathis Gourgouris / Cavafy’s Debt

Dawn Lundy Martin / A Black Poetics: Against Mastery

Jed Rasula / A Potential Intelligence: The Case of the Disappearing Poets

Gerald L. Bruns / Paratactics (Pataquerics) of the Ordinary: The Course of the Comic in Charles Bernstein’s Poetry

Andrew David King / “Too Philosophical for a Poet”: A Conversation with Charles Bernstein