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Paul A. Bové / Editor’s Note / 1

Dossier: The Work of Hortense J. Spillers

Denise Ferreira da Silva / Sending Language into Battle: Interview with Hortense J. Spillers / 3

Hortense J. Spillers and Jonathan Arac / Touch and Voice in Absalom, Absalom! / 39

C. Riley Snorton / On Thon; or, Thinking Gender in the Interstice / 59

Margo Natalie Crawford / When Hortense Spillers and Toni Morrison Meet in the Clearing: The Hieroglyphics of Marking and Unmarking / 77

Calvin Warren / Interior Intersubjectivity: Hortense Spillers’s Theory of “the One” / 95

Shoniqua Roach / To Put Afoot a New Black Woman: On Hortense Spillers and the Possibilities of Gender / 107

Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard / Bastard Sugar: Hortense Spillers and Paradoxes of Value in New World Thought / 127

Jeremy Matthew Glick / Braised Cucumbers, Maps, and Surprises: Materialist Narratology and Political Theology in the Work of Hortense J. Spillers / 143

General Essays

Seo Hee Im / Fathers and Daughters; or, Social Reproduction in the Anthropocene / 179

Review Essays

Stefan Tanaka / From the Margins: There Must Be More to History than Logic / 203

Aurélie Vialette / “You Said Independence?” The Case of Scotland’s and Catalonia’s Nationalisms: A Discussion of J. H. Elliott’s Scots and Catalans: Union and Disunion / 223

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Sierra Lomuto / Belle da Costa Greene and the Undoing of “Medieval” Studies / 1

Part 1. Cui Bono: Who Is the “Medieval” For?

Raha Rafii / Making Islam (Coherent): Academic Discourse and the Politics of Language / 33

Julie Orlemanski / What Is “Postmedieval”? Embedded Reflections / 57

Michelle R. Warren / The Medieval of the Long Now / 83

Part 2. Disciplinary Dilemmas

Adam Miyashiro / Race, Medieval Studies, and Disciplinary Boundaries / 107

Shokoofeh Rajabzadeh / Fighting for the Middle: Medieval Studies Programs and Degrees within Higher Education / 123

Christopher Livanos and Mohammad Salama / A Bridge Too Far? Ludovico Marracci’s Translation of the Qurʾan and the Persistence of Medieval Biblicism / 145

Part 3. Critical Possibilities

Mariah Min / Undoing Medieval Race Studies / 173

Anne Le / Different and Familiar: Les enfances Renier and the Question of Medieval Orientalism / 189

Shoshana Adler / Spoiled History: Leprosy and the Lessons of Queer Medieval Historiography / 211

Elizabeth J. West / Afterword: In and beyond the Boundaries of Medievalism / 233

Contributors / 247