current issue | boundary 2


February 2018: Volume 45, Number 1

Ireland: From Boom to Bust and Beyond, ed. Joe Cleary

boundary 2 is a Duke University Press Journal.

Joe Cleary / Foreword

Terrence McDonough / Economic Causes and Consequences of the Celtic Tiger Crash

Daniel Finn / Irish Politics Since the Crash, 2008-2016

Seamus Deane / Glimpses of an Irish Republic

Kevin Whelan / 1916 in Ireland: Revolution and Counterrevolution in International Context

Heather Laird / “An Ireland as Complex and Various as Possible”: Seán Ó Faoláin’s Writings on Partition in the Context of Peace Process Republicanism

Joe Cleary / “Horseman, Pass By!”: The Neoliberal World System and the Crisis in Irish Literature

Mary McGlynn / Things Unexploded: The Calculus and Aesthetics of Risk in Two Post-Boom Irish Novels

Gail McConnell / No “Replicas/Atone”: Northern Irish Poetry After the Peace Process

Michael G. Cronin / What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex: Modernization and Sexuality in Contemporary Irish Scholarship

Willa Murphy / From Pontius to Pilates: Irish Catholic Devotion and the Spiritual Marketplace