b2o Special Issue | The New Extremism

b2o: an online journal is an online-only, free-to-read, peer-reviewed journal published by the boundary 2 editorial collective, with a standalone Editorial Board.

Volume 4, Issue 2 (August 2019)
Special Issue: The New Extremism
Special Issue editors: Adrienne Massanari and David Golumbia

    1. Adrienne Massanari and David Golumbia, “The New Extremism.”
    2. Leif Weatherby, “Irony and Redundancy: The Alt Right, Media Manipulation, and German Idealism.”
    3. “Dennis Erasmus,” “Containment Breach: 4chan’s /pol/ and the Failed Logic of ‘Safe Spaces’ for Far-Right Ideology.”
    4. Sarah T. Roberts and Mél Hogan, “Left Behind: Futurist Fetishists, Prepping and the Abandonment of Earth.”
    5. Kevin Musgrave and Jeff Tischauser, “Radical Traditionalism, Metapolitics, and Identitarianism: The Rhetoric of Richard Spencer.”
    6. Brian Hughes, “Thriving from Exile: Toward a Materialist Analysis of the Alt-Right.”
    7. Robert Topinka, “‘Back to a Past that Was Futuristic’: The Alt-Right and the Uncanny Form of Racism.”
    8. Julia DeCook, “How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go? The ‘Wonderland’ of r/TheRedPill and Its Ties to White Supremacy.”
    9. Alexander Reid Ross, “Fooling the Nation: Extremism and the Pro-Russia Disinformation Ecosystem.”
    10. Jonathan Ratcliffe, “Rebooting the Leviathan: NRx and the Millennium.”
    11. Moira Weigel, “Palantir Goes to the Frankfurt School.”
    12. Bibliography of critical resources on the alt-right: by subject; alphabetical; additional resources