titles for review

b2o will consider proposals for reviews or review essays of the following books received.

Prospective authors should send a query note to boundary2@pitt.edu indicating the books in which they are interested, current position, and interest/expertise in the subject of the proposed review. Rather than sending a list of titles that interest them, we strongly encourage authors to discuss their angle into one or two of the works.

Titles for Review

Agamben, Giorgio. The Adventure. 2018. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Ahuja, Neel. 2016. Bioinsecurities: Disease Interventions, Empire, and the Government of Species. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Aizura, Aren. 2018. Mobile Subjects: Transnational Imaginaries of Gender Reassignment. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Alexander, Meena, ed. 2018. Name Me a Word: Indian Writers Reflect on Writing. New Haven, CT: Yale UP.

Alvarado, Leticia. 2018. Abject Performances: Aesthetic Strategies in Latino Cultural Production. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Amin, Kadji. 2017. Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Modern Pederasty, and Queer History. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Anderson, Amanda. 2016. Bleak Liberalism. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Anker, Elizabeth S., and Rita Felski, eds. 2017. Critique and Postcritique. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Aubry, Timothy. 2018. Guilty Aesthetic Pleasures. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP.

Austen, Jane. 2017. Teenage Writings. Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Bachner, Andrea. 2018. The Mark of Theory: Inscriptive Figure, Poststructuralist Prehistories. New York, NY: Fordham UP.

Bahng, Aimee. 2017. Migrant Futures: Decolonizing Speculation in Financial Times. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Bannon, Brad, and John Vanderheide. 2017. Cormac McCarthy’s Violent Destinies: The Poetics of Determinism and Fatalism. Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press.

Barbarese, J.T. 2018. True Does Nothing. Asheville, NC: MadHat Press.

Baskin, Jason. Modernism Beyond the Avant-Garde: Embodying Experience. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP.

Belew, Kathleen. 2018. Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP.

Bello, Javier. 2017. I Decided to Dissolve. Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Bident, Christophe. 2019. Mauriece Blanchot: A Critical Biography. Trans. John McKeane. New York: Fordham UP.

Blanchot, Maurice. 2019. Death Now: Chronicles of Intellectual Life, 1944. Trans. Michael Holland. New York: Fordham UP.

Blanton, Ward, Clayton Crockett, Jeffrey W. Robbins, and Noelle Vahanian. 2016. An Insurrectionist Manifesto: Four New Gospels for a Radical Politics. New York: Columbia UP.

Boehmer, Elleke. 2018. Postcolonial Poetics. 21st-Century Critical Readings. Cham, CH: Palgrave Macmillan.

Boluk, Stephanie, and Patrick Lemieux. 2017. Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Borsuk, Amaranth. 2018. The Book. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Bouteldja, Houria. 2017. Whites, Jews, and Us: Toward a Politics of Revolutionary Love. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Brandell, Amy L. 2016. Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative. Bloomington, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Broinowski, Adam. 2016. Cultural Responses to Occupation in Japan: The Performing Body During and After the Cold War. New York: Bloomsbury.

Brouillette, Sarah. 2019. UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary. Stanford, CA: Stanford UP.

Brown, Kimberly Juanita. 2015. The Repeating Body: Slavery’s Visual Resonance in the Contemporary. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Brundson, Charlotte. 2018. Television Cities: Paris, London, Baltimore. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Burnside, John. 2018. On Henry Miller. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP.

C., Javier Sanjiés. 2013. Embers of the Past: Essays in Times of Decolonization. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Calihman, Matthew and Gerald Early, eds. 2018. Approaches to Teaching Baraka’s Dutchman. New York, NY: MLA of America.

Cameron, Sharon. 2017. The Bond of the Furthest Apart: Essays on Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bresson, and Kafka. University of Chicago Press.

Casarino, Cesare and Andrew Righi, eds. Trans. Mark William Epstein 2018. Another Mother: Diotima and the Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Cavarero, Adriana, and Angelo Scola. 2015. Thou Shalt Not Kill: A Political and Theological Dialogue. Trans. Margaret Adams Groesbeck and Adam Sitze. New York: Fordham UP.

Chaudhuri, Amit. 2017. Literary Activism: Perspectives. New York and Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Cherniavsky, Eva. 2017. Neocitizenship: Political Culture After Democracy. New York: NYU Press.

Chion, Michel. 2016. Sound. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Choe, Youngmin. 2016. Tourist Distractions: Traveling and Feeling in Transnational Hallyu Cinema. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Chung, Hye Jean. 2018. Media Heterotopias: Digital Effects and Material Labor in Global Film Productions. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Coccia, Emanuele, trans. Marissa Gemma. 2018. Goods: Advertising, Urban Space, and the Moral Law of the Image. New York, NY: Fordham UP.

Cohen, Kris. 2017. Never Alone, Except For Now. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Comay, Rebecca, and Frank Ruda. The Dash: The Other Side of Absolute Knowing. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Commander, Michelle D. 2017. Afro-Atlantic Flight. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Constable, Marianne, Leti Volpp, Bryan Wagner. Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places: Justice Beyond and Between. New York: Fordham UP.

Corngold, Stanley. 2019. Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, Humanist, Heretic. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP.

Corrigan, John, ed. 2017. Feeling Religion. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Craib, Raymond B. 2016. The Cry of the Renegade. Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Crouzet, Denis. 2018. Nostradamus: A Healer of Souls in the Renaissance. Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Dadlez, E.M. ed. 2018. Jane Austen’s Emma: Philosophical Perspectives. New York, NY: Oxford UP.

Dai, Jinhua. 2018. After the Post-Cold War: The Future of Chinese History. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Davies, William, ed. 2018. Economic Science Fictions. London: Goldsmiths Press.

Dawes, James. 2018. The Novel of Human Rights. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP.

Day, Iyko. 2016. Alien Capital: Asian Racialization and the Logic of Settler Colonial Capitalism.  Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Del Mar, David Peterson. 2017. African American: From Tarzan to Dreams From My Father – Africa in the US Imagination. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Derrida, Jacques, trans. Philip Lynes. 2017. Advances. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Desjardins, Mary R. 2015. Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Desjarlais, Robert. 2019. The Blind Man: A Phantasmography. New York, NY: Fordham UP.

D’Iorio, Paolo. 2016. Nietzsche’s Journey to Sorrento: Genesis of the Philosophy of the Free Spirit. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Dobson, James. 2019. Critical Digital Humanities: The Search for a Methodology. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press.

Donadey, Anne, ed. 2017. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Assia Djebar. New York: Modern Language Association of America.

Dore, Florence. 2018. Novel Sounds: Southern Fiction in the Age of Rock and Roll. New York: Columbia UP.

Dubreuil, Laurent. 2018. Poetry and Mind: Tractatus Poetico-Philosophicus. New York: Fordham UP.

Dubreuil, Laurent and Sue Savage-Rumbaugh. 2019. Dialogues on the Human Ape. New York: Fordham UP.

Dufourmantelle, Anne. 2018. Power of Gentleness: Meditations on the Risk of Living. New York: Fordham UP.

Edwards, Erin E. 2018. The Modernist Corpse: Posthumanism and the Posthumous. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Eidsheim, Nina Sun. 2015. Sensing Sound: Singing and Listening as Vibrational Practice. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Ellis, Nadia. 2015. Territories of the Soul: Queered Belonging in the Black Diaspora. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Engel, Amir. 2017. Gershom Scholem: An Intellectual Biography. Chicago, IL: University o Chicago Press.

Epstein, Andrew. 2016. Attention Equals Life: The Pursuit of the Everyday in Contemporary Poetry and Culture. New York and Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Evans, K. L. 2017. One Foot in the Finite: Melville’s Realism Reclaimed. Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP.

Fazzino, Jimmy. 2016. World Beats: Beat Generation Writing and the Worlding of U.S. Literature. Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth College Press.

Featherstone, David, Christopher Gair, Christian Høgsbjerg, and Andrew Smith, eds. 2018. Marxism, Colonialism and Cricket. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Finn, Ed. 2017. What Algorithms Want: Imagination in the Age of Computing. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea, and Monika Mueller, eds. 2016. Vampires and Zombies: Transcultural Migrations and Transnational Interpretations. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi.

Flusser, Vilém. Trans. Rodrigo Maltez Novaes. 2018. Language and Reality. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Forsdick, Charles, and Christian Hogsbjerg, eds. 2017. The Black Jacobins Reader. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Fried, Michael. 2018. What Was Literary Impressionism? Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard UP.

Fuches, Christian. 2018. Digital Demagogue: Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Trump and Twitter. London, UK: Pluto Press.

Fuller, Matthew. 2017. How to Be a Geek: Essays on the Culture of Software. Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Gagliano, Monica, John C. Ryan, Patrícia Veiera, eds. 2017. The Language of Plants: Science, Philosophy, Literature. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Gajić, Tatjana. 2019. Paradoxes of Stasis: Literature, Politics, and Thought in Francoist Spain. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Gaskill, Nicholas. 2018. Chromographia: American Literature and the Modernization of Color. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Gates, Racquel. 2018. Double Negative: The Black Image and Popular Culture. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Getsy, David J., ed. 2016. Queer. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Gilloch, Graeme. 2015. Siegfried Kracauer. Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Ginsburg, Shai, Martin Land, Jonathan Boyarin, ed. 2019. New York, NY: Fordham University Press.

Gjesdal, Kristin, ed. 2018. Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler. New York and Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Gopinath, Gayatri. 2018. Unruly Visions: The Aesthetic Practices of Queer Diaspora. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Gregg, Melissa. 2018. Counterproductive: Time Management in the Knowledge Economy. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Grewal, Inderpal. 2017. Saving the Security State: Exceptional Citizens in Twenty-First Century America. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Grossman, Évelyne. 2018. The Anguish of Thought. Tran. Matthew Cripsey and Louise Burchill. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

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Honig, Bonnie. 2017. Public Things: Democracy in Disrepair. Oxford, UK: Oxford UP.

Hunt, Alastair, and Stephanie Youngblood, eds. 2016. Against Life. Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP.

de Ípola, Emilio. 2018. Althusser, the Infinite Farewell. Durham, NC: Duke UP.

Isbister, Katherine. 2016. How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Jaaware, Aniket. 2019. On Touching and Not Touching. New York, NY: Fordham UP.

Jackson, Major. 2017. Heritage. Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Jameson, Fredric. 2015. The Ancients and the Postmoderns: On the Historicity of Forms. New York: Verso.

Jamison, Anne. 2018. Kafka’s Other Prague: Writings from the Czechoslovak Republic. Evanston, IL: Northwestern UP.

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