Video Lectures

Videos of lectures delivered at recent boundary 2 events can be consulted through our YouTube channel. A sample of recent talks can be found below.

A boundary 2 Webinar on Charles Bernstein and topsy turvy, June 15th, 2021

You can read more commentary about this webinar on Bernstein’s website.

Paul Bové’s Love’s Shadow Book Launch, March 30th, 2021

Love’s Shadow: A Dartmouth Roundtable Discussion, April 7, 2021

Philip Mirowski: Hell Is Truth Seen Too Late
(Browse all Neoliberalism, Its Ontology and Genealogy: The Work and Context of Philip Mirowski lectures here.)

Summary Discussion: The Militarization of Knowledge
(Browse all The Militarization of Knowledge lectures here.)

The Life and Work of Edward Said
(Browse all Legacies of the Future lectures here.)

Wlad Godzich presents “The Stateless and the Proper,” and Stathis Gourgouris on “The Epistemology of Edward Said.” Legacies of the Future.

“Gods Always Fail” and “The Question of Tibet and Orientalism”

RA Judy and QS Tong in part to Legacies of the Future.

A Reading and Q&A with Nuruddin Farah

From his novels Crossbones and Maps. Browse all Legacies of the Future lectures here.

Practices of Freedom

Anthony Bogues, at the introduction of the Ships of Bondage exhibit currently held in the Slave Lodge museum in Cape Town, South Africa (and features studies of the Amistad, the Sally, and the Meermin), speaks of slavery and freedom, representation, the sedimentary foundations of slavery, colonialism, colonial modernity and these historical processes that connected the world (41:56). Beginning with reflections on Toni Morrison’s Beloved and André Brink’s Philida, Professor Bogues asks, “How does one represent slavery?” alluding to the attempt “to represent what sometimes we cannot name,” as he wrestles with the idea of freedom as it pertains to the political, the historical and the practice of being human: his thoughts a direct contribution to what he calls “the public curriculum.”


Tony Bogues, as a part of Brown University’s Graduate Student Colloquium on Slavery and Justice, engages issues of enslavement, an enslaved person’s transition to that of a “subject,” of a “citizen,” and how the idea of the human affects and is affected by narrative, memory and practice.

“You can’t think about questions of war and conflict without thinking about questions of ‘subjects’ and ‘citizens’…Because what they revolve around, I would argue, are certain conceptions of ‘What does it mean to be human?’ and ‘What kind of accrue to those humans?’” -Anthony Bogues

Africa Theorizes (Tony Bogues and Achille Mbembe)

Coverage of The University of Cape Town’s “Africa Theorises” has arrived – a conversation between our esteemed colleague Anthony Bogues and the renowned scholar Achille Mbembe. Topics include the “redrawing of the global intellectual map,” the “flight from theory” and “scientism,” the waning hegemony of the “Western Archive,” the possibilities of “liberty,” and the “modes of being human.”


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