The New Extremism — Bibliography (by subject)

David Golumbia and Adrienne Massanari

Editors’ note: this is an attempt to construct a comprehensive bibliography of all serious work on the development and online engagement of the so-called alt-right. We avoid actual alt-right sources, though many can be found in the secondary works we list. The fact that a work is included here should not be taken as an endorsement of the work or its conclusions.

The subject groupings here are approximate and not mutually exclusive. Many works cover more than one topic, and we have endeavored only to indicate the works that emphasize each particular topic.

As in the pieces included in “The New Extremism” issue, we have not listed any works here by members of the alt-right, or published by them. Where pieces in the special issue needed to quote these works, we relied exclusively on copies archived at or another independent source, but have not included these links in this bibliography.

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Embedded Reporting on Alt-Right Groups

General Pieces on the Alt-Right


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“Cultural Marxism” & the Revival of “Cultural Bolshevism”

Gender and the Alt-Right

Links Between Online Alt-Right and Physical Violence

Race and the Alt-Right

Alt-Right Use of Digital Media/Media Manipulation

Cultural Connections Between Digital Culture/Technology and the Alt-Right