Wang Hui Joins b2!


Professor Wang Hui, of Tsinghua University in Beijing, has joined  the Editorial Board of boundary 2.  Wang Hui is the leading literary humanistic scholar-critic in today’s China.  We are very grateful to him for joining our intellectual and political efforts and we wish to acknowledge his already substantial contributions at two b2 conferences in Nanjing and Hong Kong and in the pages of the journal.  Wang Hui’s presence substantially augments b2’s commitment to the study of China, to developing critical exchanges with Chinese intellectuals, and to critical study and political reflection about historical matters in our time and our histories.  Wang Hui is the author of among many other works The End of the Revolution (Verso), China’s New Order:  Society, Politics, and Economy in Transition (Harvard University Press), and The Politics of Imagining Asia (Harvard University Press).  His essays, “Scientific Worldview, Culture Debates, and the Reclassification of Knowledge in Twentieth-Century China,” and “Dead Fire Rekindled” appeared in b2 in 2007 and 2008.  His new work on Lu Xun, “The Voices of Good and Evil: What Is Enlightenment?  Rereading Lu Xun’s ‘Toward a Refutation of Malevolent Voices.'”  Forthcoming is an interview and discussion about recent events in Egypt and the Middle East between Wang Hui and Samir Amin.


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