Remembering Joseph A. Buttigieg


May 20, 1947 – January 27, 2019

boundary 2 – 1978 to 2019

“it is impossible to blame solely reactionary elements for the rise of fascism . . . the antagonists did not . . . offer a coherent and persuasive alternative . . . because they themselves were lacking in rigor and uncritically adopted methods and paradigms from the dominant culture.”

“the way to avoid making such blunders . . . is to remain true to the methods of criticism and philology.”

— “Gramsci’s Method,” boundary 2 (1990)

The boundary 2 community celebrates Joseph A. Buttigieg’s contributions as a long-standing member of its editorial masthead. In memory of Joe, Duke University Press is making one of his most important essays, “Gramsci’s Method,” freely available for six months. You can find it here.


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