Ryan S. Jeffery–ENTER_FACE (8 min. video, 2023)


This video is published as part of the b2o review‘s “Finance and Fiction” dossier. The dossier also includes a text by Ryan S. Jeffery that can be read as an accompaniment to the video.

Since 1982, the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. has provided real-time financial market data accessible only through an interface called the Bloomberg Terminal. For an annual fee of $20,000 you can buy and sell financial assets on Bloomberg’s secure proprietary network with 325,000 other subscribers throughout the world. Since 2012, the user account u/OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR has moderated the subreddit page r/Wallstreetbets accessible on the public internet forum Reddit, which can be interfaced by web browsing software on most any computer or smartphone. For a zero annual fee you can exchange information, financial trading strategies, videos and memes with 12.9 million other subscribers throughout the world. What would happen if r/Wallstreetbets found a Bloomberg terminal? The interface is where the two systems, subjects, organizations meet and interact.


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