Our Neoliberalism Conference is on YouTube!

Philip Mirowski at boundary 2's recent neoliberalism conference

All of the talks from b2’s recent conference, Neoliberalism, Its Ontology and Genealogy: The Work and Context of Philip Mirowski are now posted on our YouTube channel!

Talks include:

Philip Mirowski: Hell Is Truth Seen Too Late

Bruce Robbins: Liberal Elites

Chris Connery: China, Neoliberal Constellations and the Left

Professor Robbins and Professor Connery’s post-talk Q&A panel can be found here.

Frank Pasquale: Rethinking the Knowledge Problem: Preserving Professional Judgment in an Era of Metric Power

Leah Feldman: Post-Soviet, Neoliberal, New Right Formations

Christian Thorne: The Paleo-Neo and the New New: Periodizing Liberalism

Professor Feldman and Professor Thorne’s post-talk Q&A panel can be found here.

David Golumbia: Mirowski As Critic of the Digital

Annie McClanahan: Serious Crises: Rethinking the Neoliberal Subject

Donald E. Pease: The Cultural Fantasy-Work of Neoliberalism

James Livingston: Fuck Work



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