b2o Special Issue | The Digital Turn

b2o: an online journal is an online-only, free-to-read, peer-reviewed journal published by the boundary 2 editorial collective, with a standalone Editorial Board.

Volume 3, Issue 3 (August 2018)
Special Issue: The Digital Turn
Special Issue editor: David Golumbia

    1. David Golumbia, “The Digital Turn.”
    2. Chris Gilliard and Hugh Culik, “The New Pythagoreans.”
    3. Zachary Loeb, “From Megatechnic Bribe to Megatechnic Blackmail: Mumford’s ‘Megamachine’ after the Digital Turn.”
    4. Gavin Mueller, “Digital Proudhonism.”
    5. Tim Duffy, “Mapping Without Tools: What the Digital Turn Can Learn from the Cartographic Turn.”
    6. Joseph Erb, Joanna Hearne, and Mark Palmer with Durbin Feeling, “Origin Stories in the Genealogy of Cherokee Language Technology.”
    7. tante, “Artificial Saviors.”
    8. Michelle Moravec, “The Endless Night of Wikipedia’s Notable Woman Problem.”
    9. Jonathan Beller, “The Computational Unconscious.”
    10. Siobhan Senier, “What Indigenous Literature Can Bring to Electronic Archives.”
    11. Rob Hunter, “The Digital Turn and the Ethical Turn: Depoliticization in Digital Practice and Political Theory.”
    12. John Pat Leary, “Innovation and the Neoliberal Idioms of Development.”
    13. Annemarie Perez, “UndocuDreamers: Public Writing and the Digital Turn.”
    14. Gretchen Soderlund, “Futures of Journalisms Past (or, Pasts of Journalism’s Future).”
    15. Anthony Galluzzo, “The Singularity in the I790s: Toward a Prehistory of the Present With William Godwin and Thomas Malthus.”