about the b2o review

The b2o Review is a non-peer reviewed publication edited by the boundary 2 editorial collective and specific topic editors, featuring book reviews, interventions, videos, and collaborative projects.


  • Debates, exchanges, responses, often in conversation with or inspired by pieces in boundary 2 or another part of b2o.
  • Edited by the boundary 2 Editorial Collective


  • Reviews of books and other media.
  • Edited by the boundary 2 Editorial Collective


  • Videos of lectures and symposia.
  • Edited by the boundary 2 Editorial Collective

Gender & Sexuality

  • Examinations of topics relating to gender, sexuality, queer theory, and LGBTQ issues.
  • Edited by Petra Dierkes-Thrun, Stanford University

Literature & Politics

  • Considers how literary writers, writings and events elaborate the dynamics between political writing, the literary arts, and cultural intervention.
  • Edited by Henry Veggian, UNC-Chapel Hill

Digital Studies

  • Reviews and analysis of scholarly books about digital technology and culture, as well as of articles, legal proceedings, videos, social media, digital humanities projects, and other emerging digital forms, offered from a humanist perspective, in which our primary intellectual commitment is to the deeply embedded texts, figures, themes, and politics that constitute human culture, regardless of the medium in which they occur.
  • Edited by David Golumbia, Virginia Commonwealth University