Wlad Godzich, “Aisthesis before Theoria: Grappling with the Un(re)cognized”

Wlad Godzich was to have spoken in Taiwan at a conference convened by a friend of b2, Allen Chun.  The conference title was "The Unthinkable—Thinking Beyond the Limits of Culture" and was held at the Institute
of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, December
13-14, 2008
.  For medical reasons, Wlad could not attend but he presented his lecture by video link.  To view this talk, visit the following URL:

Wlad’s paper deals with theory in the contemporary world and contains considerable comment on Walter Benjamin and Orham Pamuk.  Thanks for Allen Chun for circulating this link and to Wlad Godzich for permission to post it here.


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