Announcing b2o: an online journal!


In Spring 2016, boundary 2 launched a new website that includes, in addition to the already existing b2 review, new reviews and interventions sections, as well as a new journal. The new journal will publish both full issues, edited by members of the editorial board or guest edited, as well as peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed individual articles, interviews, short pieces, and other texts. The journal’s focus will be on publishing time-sensitive materials and generating critical online debate.

b2o: an online journal editorial board

Arne De Boever, Chair

David Golumbia, Vice-Chair

Abigail Lind, Editorial Assistant

Jonathan Arac

Charles Bernstein

Tom Eyers

Leah Feldman

Wlad Godzich

Stathis Gourgouris

R.A. Judy

Annette Lienau

Bruce Robbins

Hortense Spillers

Anita Starosta

Henry Veggian

Paul Bové, ex officio



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