b2’s Anniversary Conference Is On YouTube!


All of the talks from b2’s anniversary conference at Dartmouth College are now posted on our YouTube channel.

Talks include:

Bruce Robbins: The Novel and the Poor

Leah Feldman: The Poetics of Alignment: Cold War Humanism across Global Souths

Anthony Bogues: Black Critique

Ronald Judy: Fanon on the Question of Species: Humanism as Restlessness (قَلَق ٍعَىل )

Jonathan Arac: Joseph Frank and the Untimeliness of Intelligence

Joseph Buttigieg: Lorianism, or the Fragility of Critical Barriers

Donald Pease: The Uncanny As A Way of Being in Toni Morrison’s “Home”

Paul Bové: A Close Reading of Benjamin’s Notes on History

Roundtable Discussion with Sue Strehl, Joseph Buttigieg, Ronald Judy, Paul Bové, Anthony Bogues, Donald Pease, and Jonathan Arac


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